Honourable George Brown, The

Across the Grand River at this point lies "Bow Park". Once the farm of George Brown, a leading architect of Confederation, who built up an estate of some 800 acres beginning in 1866. A Scottish immigrant, Brown founded the Toronto "Globe" in l844, the influential Reform journal which helped him become a powerful political figure. As leader of the "Clear Grit" Liberals and champion of Canada West, Brown entered the "Great Collection" government of 1864 with his arch-adversary, John A. MacDonald, to make Confederation possible. Until his death in 1880, Brown spent much time at "Bow Park" developing it as a major enterprise for raising pure-bred cattle, a notable pioneering agricultural venture in Ontario.


At Greenfield House, Alloa town hall, in Alloa, near Edinburgh, Scotland

Region: International

County/District: United Kingdom

Municipality: Alloa, Scotland