Honourable William Aberhart 1878-1943, The

Founder of the Social Credit Party and premier of Alberta, 1935-43, Aberhart attended Seaforth Collegiate Institute, 1893-98, and later graduated from Queen's University. In 1910 he moved to Calgary where from 1915-35 he was a high school principal. An ardent fundamentalist lay preacher he founded the Calgary Prophetic Bible Conference in 1918 to promote Bible study. His weekly religious radio broadcasts beginning in 1925 won him a large audience. In 1932 he became interested in the Social Credit movement, and promoted its doctrines in his broadcasts. Convinced of a need for monetary reform, he organized the Social Credit Party in 1935. His party won the election that year and he became premier.


At Seaforth and District High School, 58 Chalk Street North, Seaforth

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Huron

Municipality: Municipality of Huron East