Honourable William McDougall 1822-1905, The

Father of Confederation, William McDougall was born on a farm in this vicinity. He became a solicitor and in 1850 founded the North American, a newspaper which became the voice of the "Clear Grit" Liberals. A leading Reformer, McDougall became Provincial Secretary in the coalition government that sought confederation. He attended the Quebec and London Conferences which negotiated the terms of federal union. Appointed first Lieutenant-Governor of the North West Territories in 1869, he was prevented from undertaking his duties by the outbreak of the Red River Rebellion. He returned to politics as a private member in the Ontario Legislature, 1875-78, and in the Federal Parliament, 1878-82, thereafter withdrawing to his legal career.


In Lawrence Park in the vicinity of his birthplace, Lawrence Avenue East and Yonge Street, Toronto

Region: Greater Toronto Area

County/District: City of Toronto (District)

Municipality: City of Toronto