Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway Company, The

When completed in 1905, the Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway, or Portage Railway, provided a crucial 1.8-kilometre link connecting steamboats on Peninsula Lake to Lake of Bays and opened up North Muskoka to tourism and increased development. The railway was part of a larger navigation company owned by George F. Marsh and later sold to C.O. Shaw, owner of the Anglo-Canadian Leather Company in Huntsville and Bigwin Inn that opened on Lake of Bays in 1920. A narrow-gauge train fondly named the "Portage Flyer" plied the steep grade between the lakes carrying mail, tanbark and tourists for 55 years. By 1959, a decline in steamship travel led to the end of what was once promoted as the "smallest commercially operated railway in the world."


At the South Portage Dock, along the South Portage Road, Dwight.

Region: Central Ontario

County/District: District Municipality of Muskoka

Municipality: Township of Lake of Bays