Huron College 1863

The college was founded by the Right Reverend Benjamin Cronyn who, following his election in 1857 as first Anglican Bishop of Huron, saw the need for a theological school and institution for advanced studies to serve the rapidly expanding population of the region. He selected Archdeacon Isaac Hellmuth to raise funds in England and Canada, and Huron College was incorporated in May 1863. Under Hellmuth's capable direction, 1863-66, the institution provided theological training and a course in liberal arts. In 1877, the professors and alumni of this college, strongly supported Hellmuth, proposed the establishment of the Western University of London, founded in 1878, with which Huron became affiliated in 1881.


On the outside north wall of Huron College Chapel, Western Road, opposite the community centre, University of Western Ontario, London

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Middlesex

Municipality: City of London