James Wallis 1806-1893

This house, "Maryboro Lodge," was completed in 1837 by James Wallis, a gentleman from "Maryborough." Cork, Ireland, who had emigrated to Montreal in 1832. The following year he and Robert Jameson purchased extensive lands in this vicinity. In 1834, in partnership, they built a sawmill and later a grist-mill which formed the nucleus of the present village of Fenelon Falls. Wallis donated land for the community's first church in 1835 and personally conducted services until the arrival of a clergyman in 1838. He was also a justice of the peace and commanded local militia during the Rebellion of 1837.


On the grounds of his former home, Maryboro Lodge, now a museum, 50 Oak Street, Fenelon Falls

Region: Central Ontario

County/District: City of Kawartha Lakes (District)

Municipality: City of Kawartha Lakes