Jean Lumb, C.M., 1919-2002

Jean Lumb was born Jean (Toy Jin) Wong in British Columbia, and came to Toronto in 1935. She was soon operating a profitable fruit store and, by 1959, she co-owned the well-reputed Kwong Chow restaurant with her husband, Doyle Lumb. Energetic and outgoing, she established strong links with prominent politicians and, in the 1950s, lobbied successfully for the removal of discriminatory immigration regulations in Canada. Wide-ranging community work earned her numerous honours, including appointments to Women's College Hospital Board of Governors and the Ontario Advisory Council on Multiculturalism. President of the Women's Association of the Chinese Dramatic Society for 25 years, she is best remembered as the dynamic spirit behind the remarkable "Save Chinatown" campaigns. In 1976, Lumb became the first Chinese-Canadian woman and the first restaurateur appointed to the Order of Canada. Jean Lumb served as a voice for her community for over 40 years and left a legacy of social activism and cultural pride for future generations.

(Cantonese - Traditional Chinese) Jean Lumb (林黃彩珍)

Jean Lumb (林黃彩珍) 在卑詩省出生,于1935 年移到多倫多并很快成功地開了一家水果店。到1959 年,她與她丈夫一起經營廣東酒樓。精力充沛而且外向的她與許多政界名流建立了 密切的關系。50 年代,她成功地建議政府取消了加拿大帶歧視性的移民法規。各種社區活 動讓她獲得了許多榮譽,包括擔任惠仁醫院理事會理事及安省多元文化顧問委員會委員等職。她擔任了中國戲劇協會婦女聯會的主席達25 年之久,是著名的“Save Chinatown”運動的主要發起人。1976 年,她作為第一位華裔加拿大女性和第一位餐館業者獲得加拿大勛章。林黃彩珍女士為社區服務達40 年以上,她為后人留下了社會活動精神,是后代的文化驕傲.

(Mandarin) Jean Lumb (林黄彩珍)

Jean Lumb (林黄彩珍) 在卑诗省出生,于1935 年移到多伦多并很快成功地开了一家水果店。到1959 年,她与她丈夫一起经营广东酒楼。精力充沛而且外向的她与许多政界名流建立了密切的关系。50 年代,她成功地建议政府取消了加拿大带歧视性的移民法规。各种社区活 动让她获得了许多荣誉,包括担任惠仁医院理事会理事及安省多元文化顾问委员会委员等职。她担任了中国戏剧协会妇女联会的主席达25 年之久,是著名的“Save Chinatown”运动的主 要发起人。1976 年,她作为第一位华裔加拿大女性和第一位餐馆业者获得加拿大勋章。林 黄彩珍女士为社区服务达40 年以上,她为后人留下了社会活动精神,是后代的文化骄傲.


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