Jean Nicollet de Belleborne c.1598-1642

Nicollet arrived in New France from his native Normandy in 1618-19 to work in the fur trade. To help build alliances with the native peoples, Samuel de Champlain sent Nicollet to live in an Algonquin camp for two years. The young Frenchman then came to this vicinity and lived among the Nipissing for eight years. He learned the language and customs of his hosts, gained their trust, and acted as an interpreter in dealings with French traders. In the 1630s, Nicollet explored the upper Great Lakes, searching for a trade route to the Far East. His findings substantially added to European knowledge of North America and its peoples, aiding westward expansion of the fur trade.


In Lee Park, Memorial Drive, North Bay

Region: Northern Ontario

County/District: District of Nipissing

Municipality: City of North Bay