Kenogamissi Post

Near this site in 1794, Hudson's Bay Company employees from Frederick House, 40 miles to the northeast, established an outpost. Its objective was to counter the fur trading activities of the North West Company in the area, and it succeeded so well that in 1812 it became the chief post and Frederick House the subsidiary. Through its existence it engaged in spirited competition with the Northwesters on Mattagamie Lake and Kukatush Lake, some 32 miles to the south and west, respectively. In 1822, following the union of the rival companies, Kenogamissi was closed and the business of the district conducted thereafter from the establishments of Mattagami and Flying Post (formerly Kukatush).


At the public boat access area on Kenogamissi Lake, off Highway 144, southwest of Timmins

Region: Northern Ontario

County/District: District of Cochrane

Municipality: City of Timmins