Lac La Pluie House 1818-1903

The Hudson's Bay Company established Lac La Pluie House on this site to compete for furs with the North West Company's Fort Lac La Pluie. After the two companies merged in 1821, only Lac La Pluie House continued in operation. It was renamed Fort Frances in 1830 after a visit by HBC Governor Sir George Simpson and Lady Frances Simpson. The post traded with local Ojibwa for furs, wild rice, and isinglass (obtained from sturgeon). An important supply depot for expeditions travelling to the West and for early settlers in the district, Fort Frances became a Hudson's Bay Company store in 1898 and was destroyed by fire in 1903.


At the original site of the fort, 145 Third Street West, Fort Frances

Region: Northern Ontario

County/District: District of Rainy River

Municipality: Town of Fort Frances