Lanark Settlement 1820, The

In August 1820, a government depot was completed on the site of this community to serve as the centre of a military settlement in the newly surveyed townships of Lanark, Ramsay, North Sherbrooke and Dalhousie. By the spring of 1821, some 1500 settlers, the majority of whom were unemployed Scottish weavers, discharged soldiers, and their families, were established in this area. Placed under the jurisdiction of the quartermaster-general's department, they received land, tools, farm implements and seed from the superintendent, Capt. William Marshall. In July and August, 1821, another group of over 1800 Scottish emigrants arrived. Although some of the land proved unsuitable for agriculture these pioneers laid the foundation for successful settlement in this region.


On the grounds of the town hall, 75 George Street, Lanark

Region: Eastern Ontario

County/District: County of Lanark

Municipality: Township of Lanark Highlands