Lieutenant-Colonel John Bostwick 1780-1849

Born in Massachusetts, Bostwick came as a child to Norfolk County. He was appointed high constable of the London District in 1800 and sheriff in 1805. A deputy-surveyor, he laid out some of the earliest roads in the Talbot Settlement and in 1804 was granted 600 acres here at the mouth of Kettle Creek. After serving as a militia officer throughout the War of 1812, he settled on the site of Port Stanley and founded this community. Bostwick represented Middlesex in the legislative assembly 1821-24. He donated the land for this church, which was completed in 1845, and is buried in its churchyard.


On the grounds of Christ Church, where his grave is located, Colborne and Melissa Streets, Port Stanley

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Elgin

Municipality: Municipality of Central Elgin