In 1832, Jesse Lloyd, a Quaker who had come from Pennsylvania to Upper Canada about 1812, purchased 60 acres of land in this vicinity. During the following years he sold portions of his property to incoming settlers. The erection of a grist-mill, sawmill and woolen mill, two tanneries, stores and a number of pioneer industries hastened Lloydtown's growth. By 1851 the community contained a post-office and two churches and had a population of about 350 persons. Jesse Lloyd, the founder of the village, had played a significant role in the rebellion of 1837. He raised and trained a local force, but following MacKenzie's defeat Lloyd was forced to flee to the United States where he died in exile.


On Regional Road 16, about 2 km west of County Road 27 in the vicinity of Lloyd's original land purchase, Lloydtown

Region: Greater Toronto Area

County/District: Regional Municipality of York

Municipality: Township of King