Long Island Mill, The

An outstanding example of mill architecture in Ontario, this grist-mill was constructed by Thomas Langrell, an Ottawa contractor, for Moss K. Dickinson (1822-97) and Joseph M. Currier (1820-84), the owners of a nearby mill. The Long Island Mill began operation in 1860 with four sets of mill-stones driven by water-powered turbines manufactured in Ottawa. By the autumn of 1862, a woollen-mill had been added to this industrial complex, around which the community of Manotick developed. Dickinson acquired full interest in the mills in 1863 and the family retained ownership of the Long Island Mill until 1929. In 1972, this mill, the adjacent Dickinson House, and the original carriage-shed were purchased and restored by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority.


At the mill, Mill Street, Manotick

Region: Ottawa

County/District: City of Ottawa (District)

Municipality: City of Ottawa