MacMillan Emigration 1802, The

In September, 1802, over 400 Highland emigrants, including more than 100 MacMillans, arrived at Montreal under the leadership of Archibald McMillan (Murlaggan) on board the vessels 'Friends', 'Helen' and 'Jane'. He planned to form a settlement in Argenteuil County, Lower Canada, but while negotiations were proceeding, many of his followers moved to Glengarry, Upper Canada, where relatives and friends were already established. In 1804 Murlaggan's cousin, Alan McMillan (Glenpean), secured land in the wilderness township of Finch, Stormont County, where with some forty MacMillans, Camerons and others he laid the foundation of its settlement. Murlaggan acquired land in Argenteuil in 1807-08 where he settled shortly thereafter. Glenpean died in 1823 and is buried here.


On the grounds of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church which served the Highlanders, Church Street West, Williamstown

Region: Eastern Ontario

County/District: United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry

Municipality: Township of South Dundas