Major Charles Stuart 1783-1865

Son of a British army officer, Stuart was born in Jamaica. After fourteen years' service as a commissioned officer in the service of the East India Company, he came to Upper Canada in 1817. Devoutly religious, Stuart found an outlet for his humanitarian zeal in vigorous anti-slavery activity. Although most of his written works are polemical tracts denouncing slavery, his "The Emigrants Guide to Upper Canada" is a useful summary of the progress of areas most suited to settlement. In 1851 he moved to this area where he encouraged the establishment of a small settlement at Lora Bay. On his death in 1865 he was buried at Lora Bay but was later removed to the nearby Thornbury-Clarksburg cemetery.


In Bayview Park, Bay Street, Thornbury

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Grey

Municipality: Town of Blue Mountains