Malcolm Cameron 1808-1876

A prominent Upper Canadian entrepreneur and politician, Cameron was born in Trois-Rivieres. He began his business career in Perth, establishing himself as a general merchant and in 1834 co-founding the Bathurst Courier. In 1837 he moved to Port Sarnia where he developed lumbering, shipping and milling enterprises. Although a successful businessman, Cameron gained renown in politics. He was elected to the legislature as the member for Lanark in 1836 and, representing this, then several western ridings, remained politically active with only occasional interruptions until his death. Pursuing a generally reform-minded, if sometimes erratic course, he served as minister in the moderate administrations of the 1840s and early 1850s. Cameron is best remembered, however, as an early leader in the radical Clear Grit movement.


In Stewart Park, behind the town hall, 80 Gore Street East, Perth

Region: Eastern Ontario

County/District: County of Lanark

Municipality: Town of Smiths Falls