Maud Leonora Menten 1879-1960

An outstanding medical scientist, Maud Menten was born in Port Lambton. She graduated in medicine from the University of Toronto in 1907 and four years later became one of the first Canadian women to receive a medical doctorate. In 1913, in Germany, collaboration with Leonor Michaelis on the behaviour of enzymes resulted in the Michaelis-Menten equation, a basic biochemical concept which brought them international recognition. Menten continued her brilliant career as a pathologist at the University of Pittsburgh from 1918, publishing extensively on medical and biochemical subjects. Her many achievements included important co-discoveries relating to blood sugar, haemoglobin, and kidney functions. Between 1951 and 1954 she conducted cancer research in British Columbia and returned to Ontario six years before she died.


Near the entrance on Queen's Park Crescent West to the Medical Sciences Building, University of Toronto, Toronto

Region: Greater Toronto Area

County/District: City of Toronto (District)

Municipality: City of Toronto