Mohawk Village

Allies of the British during the American War of Independence, the Six Nations Iroquois received extensive lands along the Grand River in 1784. Mohawks, led by Joseph Brant, established a village of some 400 inhabitants here by 1788. The community was situated at an important crossing point on the river ("Brant's Ford") and prospered as a resting place for travellers on the "Detroit path", a trail linking the Niagara and Detroit rivers. Increasingly, European settlers encroached on Six Nations' lands. In 1841, the government moved the Grand River Iroquois to a section of their land south of the river. Of the Mohawk Village, only the chapel remains.


At St. Paul's H.M. Chapel of the Mohawks, Mohawk Street, Brantford

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Brant (District)

Municipality: City of Brantford