Molly Brant

Born about 1736, Molly Brant (Degonwadonti) was a member of a prominent Mohawk family. About 1759, she became the wife of Sir William Johnson, Superintendent of Indian Affairs in the Province of New York and a powerful figure in that colony. Well-educated and a persuasive speaker, Molly Brant wielded great influence among the Iroquois and was responsible for much of Johnson's success in dealing with them. Following the outbreak of the American Revolution she and her brother Joseph played a leading role in persuading the Confederacy to support Britain. In 1777, she fled to Canada and after the war, in recognition of her services, was granted a pension by the government. She settled in Cataraqui (Kingston) where she died in 1796.


On the grounds of St. Paul's Church, Queen and Montreal streets, Kingston

Region: Eastern Ontario

County/District: County of Frontenac

Municipality: City of Kingston