M.W. Bro. William Mercer Wilson, 1813-1875

William Mercer Wilson was born in Scotland and immigrated to Upper Canada at the age of 19. He moved to Simcoe where he worked as a court clerk, lawyer, Crown attorney and finally judge for Norfolk County. During the Rebellions of 1837-38, he served in the Norfolk Cavalry and attained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. He introduced the first printing press in the district and for two years published the Norfolk Observer. In 1840, Wilson became a Freemason in Simcoe. His leadership and vision were instrumental in the creation of the Grand Lodge of Canada, independent of the authority of the Grand Lodge of England. The legacy of Ontario Freemasons can be traced to his unifying efforts. Most Worshipful Brother Wilson was elected the Grand Lodge's first Grand Master in 1855, a position that he held twice more before his death. His grave is located at the far eastern end of the cemetery.


In front of St. John's Anglican Church (Woodhouse), 879 Norfolk Street, Simcoe.

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Norfolk (District)

Municipality: County of Norfolk