Niven's Meridian

The surveying of the line which intersects Highway No. 11 here (survey mile post 162) was the first step taken by the Ontario government in the exploration and development of this region. During the 1890s, interest in Ontario's northern mineral, forest and land resources increased rapidly. Accordingly, Alexander Niven (1836-1911) ran an exploration line to James Bay by extending northward what was then the boundary between the Algoma and Nipissing Districts. In 1896, he surveyed the line to mile post 120 and two years later extended it to a point just north of the Moose River. All later surveys, including the Exploration Survey of 1900, which provided the first detailed report on this region, have been based on this meridian line.


On Highway 11, where the meridian crosses the thoroughfare, about 3 km west of Cochrane

Region: Northern Ontario

County/District: District of Cochrane

Municipality: Town of Cochrane