Ontario's First Gold Mine

In August 1866, Marcus Herbert Powell, Clerk of the Division Court and part-time prospector, struck gold nearby on the farm of John Richardson. The following year Ontario's first gold mine went into production on that site and the community of Eldorado was founded. The Richardson Mine proved unprofitable and soon ceased operation, but its discovery caused a substantial gold rush to the surrounding region. A number of small gold mines were subsequently established in southeastern Ontario, including the Deloro, Gilmour, Cordova, Feigle, Bannockburn and Golden Fleece. Owing to decreasing ore values, wasteful recovery methods and shortage of capital, most of these mines were abandoned after a few years of operation.


Near the site of the former mine, Highway 62, at the northern edge of Eldorado

Region: Eastern Ontario

County/District: County of Hastings

Municipality: Township of Madoc