Porcupine Fire, The

In the summer of 1911, when the Porcupine gold rush was at its height, the weather was hot and dry. On July 11, gale-force winds from the southwest whipped individual bush fires into a 16-km sea of flames that swiftly engulfed the drought-parched forest. The fire-storm swept through mining camps, razed the towns of South Porcupine and Pottsville, and partially destroyed Golden City (Porcupine) and Porquis Junction. Many people fled into Porcupine Lake to escape the flames. The blaze laid waste to about 200,000 hectares of forest and killed at least seventy-one people. Communities throughout Ontario responded generously with aid, and in a remarkably short time the towns were rebuilt and the mines back in operation.


On the grounds of Northern College, Highway 101, Porcupine, Timmins

Region: Northern Ontario

County/District: District of Cochrane

Municipality: City of Timmins