Prescott Barracks and Hospital, The

The front portion of this structure, one of the earliest surviving military buildings in Ontario, was constructed as a residence about 1810 by Colonel Edward Jessup, the founder of Prescott. Following the outbreak of the War of 1812, the stone house was appropriated for use as a barracks by local militia and later, British regulars. It was soon enclosed within a stockade with other buildings, including a log schoolhouse also converted for barracks. Although a fort was completed nearby in 1814, the Jessup building continued to form part of the strategically located Prescott garrison. Between 1815 and 1817 it served as a combined hospital and barracks store, and in 1823 the British forces purchased the house from the Jessup family.


At the former barracks, 356 East Street, Prescott

Region: Eastern Ontario

County/District: United Counties of Leeds and Grenville

Municipality: Town of Prescott