Rapids of the Upper Ottawa, The

For over two centuries, the Ottawa River was part of the main canoe route to the West. Some of the river's most spectacular and dangerous rapids were located immediately downriver from here: the Rapide de la Veillée, the Trou and the Rapide des Deux Rivières. Further on lay the legendary Rapide de la Roche Capitain. In 1800, the explorer Daniel Harmon counted fourteen crosses commemorating voyageurs who had drowned in its swirling waters. By 1950, with the construction of the Des Joachims generating station, these rapids and their portages had been submerged in the dam's headpond, Holden Lake.


At the lookout point on Highway 17, about 3 km west of Deux Rivières

Region: Eastern Ontario

County/District: County of Renfrew

Municipality: Township of Head, Clara and Maria