Reverend William Macaulay 1794-1874, The

In 1803, William Macaulay, son of a United Empire Loyalist, received a crown grant of some 400 acres of land in this vicinity. Born in Kingston, Macaulay was educated under the Rev. John Strachan and at Oxford University. Ordained in 1818, he used his own funds to finance the construction of this church, St. Mary Magdalene, which began in 1825. Macaulay also donated land for the district court house and gaol. The resultant settlement, which through his influence was named Picton, after Sir Thomas Picton, a distinguished British soldier, was incorporated with the adjacent community of Hallowell in 1837. Macaulay is buried in this churchyard.


On the grounds of the former Church of St. Mary Magdalene, now part of the Macaulay Heritage Park, Union and Church Streets, Picton

Region: Eastern Ontario

County/District: County of Prince Edward (District)

Municipality: County of Prince Edward