Right Reverend Isaac Hellmuth 1817-1901, The

Born in Poland and educated at Breslan University, Hellmuth lived briefly in England before emigrating to Canada in 1844 where, two years later, he was ordained in the Church of England. Appointed Archdeacon of Huron in 1861, he assisted Bishop Benjamin Cronyn in the establishment of Huron College and served as its first principal, 1836-66. Succeeding Cronyn as Bishop of Huron in 1871, Hellmuth's foresight and determination led to the founding, in 1878, of this university then known as the Western University of London. He served as its first Chancellor, 1878-1884. After spending some 25 years ministering to spiritual and educational needs in this region, he returned to England in 1884.


At the rear of the administration building, Wellington Drive, University of Western Ontario, London

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Middlesex

Municipality: City of London