Samuel de Champlain

Born at Brouage about 1570, this world-renowned cartographer and colonizer sailed from Honfleur in March 1603 on the first of more than twenty Atlantic crossings between France and Canada. Five years later, he established Quebec and thereby laid the foundation of the French empire in North America. An intrepid explorer, he journeyed into the interior of the continent (1613-1615), penetrating much of what is now Ontario. His account of these travels provided the first recorded description of that region and of what, for two centuries, was the main trade route to the west. His indefatigable efforts as builder, administrator and defender of the colony earned him the title "Father of New France". He died in Quebec on December 25, 1635 and was buried there.


At la place de Champlain in the village of Brouage, France

Region: International

County/District: France

Municipality: Brouage