Sergeant John Pearson, V.C. 1825-1892

Born in Yorkshire, England, Pearson joined the 8th (the King's Royal Irish) Regiment of Light Dragons in 1844, and served with this unit in India during the Mutiny. On June 17, 1858, near the town of Gwalior the squadron with which Pearson served formed part of a small force which routed the advancing enemy. His unit then charged through the enemy camp, and returned with two captured guns under a heavy and converging fire. For their gallantry in this action, Pearson and three companions received the British empire's highest decoration for valour, the Victoria Cross. In 1880 he emigrated to Canada and in 1888 settled on a farm some nine miles west of here.


In Memorial Park, John and Main Streets, Lion's Head

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Bruce

Municipality: Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula