Sir Rodmond P. Roblin 1853-1937

Born and brought up on this property, purchased by his grandfather Levi Roblin in 1821, Rodmond Roblin moved to Fort Garry (Winnipeg) in 1877. Elected as an Independent member to the Manitoba legislature in 1888, he was defeated in 1892. Roblin was re-elected in 1896 after joining the Conservatives, and that year became their provincial leader. The Conservatives were victorious in 1899 and Roblin succeeded H.J. Macdonald in October 1900 as premier of Manitoba. Roblin's administration, 1900-1915, promoted western grain trade as well as railway construction, and by adding large northern regions more than doubled the size of the province. An outstanding leader in Manitoba's formative years, Roblin was knighted in 1912.


At the former Roblin homestead, Bethesda Road, off County Road 15, about 16 km north of Picton

Region: Eastern Ontario

County/District: County of Prince Edward (District)

Municipality: County of Prince Edward