Sir William C. Van Horne 1843-1915

Born in Chelsea, Illinois, Van Horne, after a brilliant career with a number of railways in the mid-western United States, accepted the position of general manager of the Canadian Pacific Railway, in 1881. Construction of this pioneer Canadian transcontinental line was pushed ahead rapidly under his energetic supervision, despite many difficulties of a physical and financial nature which would have discouraged a man of lesser ability. Its completion in 1885 ensured Canadian unity. Through his influence this community, previously known as Prince Arthur's Landing, was named Port Arthur in 1883-84. Elected president of the company in 1888, Van Horne was knighted in 1894 for his services to Canada.


In the municipal park opposite the public utilities building, off Cumberland Street, Thunder Bay

Region: Northern Ontario

County/District: District of Thunder Bay

Municipality: City of Thunder Bay