Skirmishes at the Canard River

In the War of 1812, the first engagement in Canada involving British and American forces in significant numbers occurred here on the Canard River. On July 12, 1812, Brigadier-General William Hull invaded Canada and encamped near Sandwich. The British commander, Lieutenant-Colonel T.B. St. George, consolidated his forces, consisting of regulars of the 41stRegiment, Indians and Canadian militia, at Fort Malden, south of the Canard, and stationed a picquet at the bridge. This outpost was attacked on July 16 by Colonel Lewis Cass and about 280 enemy troops. After a brief stand, the outnumbered British fell back towards the fort. The Americans abandoned the position the following day, but later returned several times to skirmish with the British, who had reoccupied the post.


On County Road 18, at the bridge over the Canard River, about 8 km north of Amherstburg

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Essex

Municipality: Town of Amherstburg