St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 1840

Built by the volunteer labour of the local congregation on land granted by the Crown in 1835, and designed in the neoclassical manner, St. Andrew's was started in 1840 and completed by 1853. This limestone and granite structure replaced an earlier log church which stood in the vicinity. Services in St. Andrew's, which were held even before its completion, were conducted in both English and Gaelic. The Reverend David Watson, D.D., inducted in 1853 as the first regular minister, served until his retirement in 1898 but continued to be associated with St. Andrew's until his death in 1903. Although a new St. Andrew's was built in Beaverton in 1879, services have been continued in the "Old Stone Church" during the summer months.


On the grounds of the church, Regional Road 15, east of Beaverton

Region: Greater Toronto Area

County/District: Regional Municipality of Durham

Municipality: Township of Brock