St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica

Begun in 1880 and dedicated on June 28, 1885, this magnificent structure was built during the episcopate of Bishop John Walsh to serve as the cathedral for the Diocese of London. Designed by the prominent architect Joseph Connolly, it was constructed in the 13th-century French Gothic style, which was favoured by Ontario's Roman Catholics in the late 19th century. Among the cathedral's most notable features are its massive bell towers, high transepts, imposing sanctuary and fine rose window made in Innsbruck, Austria. Although the interior was decorated in 1925-26 and the towers, sacristy and chapel completed in 1957-58, the building retains its original character. A religious centre for southwestern Ontario, St. Peter's Cathedral was designated a minor Basilica by the Vatican in 1961.


On the grounds of the cathedral, 196 Dufferin Avenue, London

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Middlesex

Municipality: City of London