Stephen Butler Leacock 1869-1944

This internationally-known Canadian author and humorist was born here December 30, 1869, and, at the age of six, emigrated with his family to Ontario. Graduating from the University of Toronto in 1891, he taught at Upper Canada College and, in 1901, began lecturing in political science at McGill University, heading that department, 1908-1936. Though Leacock wrote extensively on political science, economics, and history, he achieved his greatest distinction as a humorist. Some of his best work, essentially Canadian in character and spirit, may be found in "Literary Lapses", "Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town", and "Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich". Leacock's many humorous books, in English and in translation, have won world-wide recognition.


At the Leacock House in Swanmore, Hampshire, England

Region: International

County/District: United Kingdom

Municipality: Swanmore, England