Sudbury Structure, The

"Sudbury Structure" is a collective name for the unique geological feature that encompasses this city. Its central component is the Sudbury Basin, a shallow elliptical depression 60 kilometres long, situated northwest of here. It also includes the Sudbury Igneous Complex, a ring of hills rimmed by ore that surround the Basin, and the Sudbury Breccia, fragmented rocks extending 80 kilometres from the Complex. Scientists continue to seek an explanation of the Structure's origin. Some think it is a crater produced by a meteorite crashing into the Earth 1,850 million years ago; others attribute it to a volcanic explosion. Since 1884, mines on the rim of the Complex have produced much of the world's nickel and substantial amounts of copper, gold, silver and platinum.


In Bell Park, Elizabeth Street, Sudbury

Region: Northern Ontario

County/District: City of Greater Sudbury (District)

Municipality: City of Greater Sudbury