Toronto-Sydenham Road, The

The northern terminus of this early "colonization road" was located near here at its junction with the "Garafraxa Road". In 1848 the government ordered Charles Rankin, P.L.S., to survey a road from Melancthon Township through the present counties of Grey and Dufferin which would attract settlers and provide a more direct connection between Sydenham (Owen Sound) and Toronto. Free grants of 50 acre lots were given to persons fulfilling the required settlement duties, and by 1851 some 400 families had taken up land. In 1852 almost 40 miles of the road had been opened although portions were still impassable for wagons. Most of this old settlement road is still in use as Highway 10.


Near the northern terminus of the route, in Memorial Park, Highway 6/10, Chatsworth

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Grey

Municipality: Township of Chatsworth