University of Ottawa, The

This institution was established in 1848 by Bishop Joseph-Eugène Guigues and placed under the direction of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. Incorporated by Act of Parliament on May 30, 1849 as the College of Bytown, it occupied a three-storey frame building in the garden of the Episcopal Palace. Renamed "College of Ottawa" in 1861, it received university status five years later, and was decreed a pontifical university by Pope Leo XIII in 1889. The college, which has occupied its present site since 1856, was destroyed by fire on December 3, 1903, but quickly rebuilt. Administrative control of this, Canada's first bilingual university, was transferred in 1965 from the Oblates to a board of governors.


Beside Tabaret Hall, 550 Cumberland Street, University of Ottawa, Ottawa

Region: Ottawa

County/District: City of Ottawa (District)

Municipality: City of Ottawa