William Charles Good 1876-1967

A leading spokesman for Canadian agrarian and co-operative movements, Good was born and raised on Myrtleville farm. He early developed a strong sense of social responsibility and, returning here after attending the University of Toronto, he embarked upon a career that effectively combined public service with farming. Good initially focussed his attention on agrarian issues. In 1914 he helped found the United Farmers of Ontario and the United Farmers Co-operative Company, organizations he subsequently served, and from 1911-25, following his election on the "Farmers Platform", he represented Brant in the House of Commons. Then, as president of the Co-operative Union of Canada from 1921-45, Good devoted himself to promoting co-operative ideals as a means of reducing social injustice. He championed this cause until his death.


At 34 Myrtleville Drive, between Balmoral and Tanbark Way, Brantford

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Brant (District)

Municipality: City of Brantford