William Henry Drummond 1854-1907

Physician and poet, William Henry Drummond was born in Ireland in 1854, and came to Canada with his parents about ten years later. In 1884 he graduated in medicine from Bishop's College, Lennoxville, serving in rural Quebec before establishing a practice in Montreal. The "Poet of the Habitant", Drummond wrote in the broken English of the French-Canadian farmer and woodsman. His poems, published between 1867 – 1908, were characterized by humour and pathos. They touch the abiding things of life and have never lost their appeal. In 1905 the poet joined his brothers in a silver-mining venture, the Drummond Mine, located some two miles south-east of this park. Dr. Drummond died here in 1907.


Near the Paul Penna Cobalt Library at 30 Lang Street, Cobalt.

Region: Northern Ontario

County/District: District of Timiskaming

Municipality: Town of Cobalt