William Lyon Mackenzie 1795-1861

Born and educated in Dundee, this famous radical reformer, writer and publisher went to Canada in 1820 and at Queenston founded the influential newspaper, the Colonial Advocate, in 1824. Later that year he moved the paper to York (Toronto). In 1826 friends of the provincial oligarchy, which he had often attacked, retaliated by destroying his press. Mackenzie, Upper Canada's leading radical, was elected to the provincial parliament in 1828, became Toronto's first mayor in 1834 and was the leader of the ill-fated Rebellion of 1837. He fled to the United States where he remained until permitted to return in 1849. Mackenzie became a member of the Canadian parliament (1851-1858) although with diminished political influence. He is buried in Toronto.


Near Steeple Church in Nethergate, Dundee, Scotland

Region: International

County/District: United Kingdom

Municipality: Dundee, Scotland