William Warren Baldwin 1775-1844

The grandson of a former mayor of Cork, William Baldwin, one of the most influential politicians in Upper Canada (Ontario), was born some five miles from here on his family's estate. In 1797, he received a medical degree from the University of Edinburgh and two years later he emigrated to Upper Canada settling in York (Toronto). An accomplished man of boundless energy and diverse interests, Baldwin practised both law and medicine and was twice elected to the provincial assembly. He is best remembered, however, as an ardent advocate of constitutional reform. A leading proponent of "responsible government", one of the most important political concepts in Canadian history, Baldwin steadfastly supported his son, Robert, under whose premiership (1842-43, 1848-51) this principle was eventually attained.


At Currabinny Wood, a short distance southeast of the city of Cork, Ireland

Region: International

County/District: Ireland

Municipality: Cork