Woodstock College 1857-1926

Here stood the Canadian Literary Institute, which was incorporated in 1857, opened in 1860 and renamed Woodstock College in 1883. Sponsored by the Baptist Church, its establishment was largely the result of the efforts of its first principal (1860-78), the Rev. R.A. Fyfe. It was a co-educational institution providing training in theology and arts and at one time was expected to attain full university status. In 1881, its faculty of theology was transferred to Toronto Baptist College, and in 1888, its ladies' department was moved to Moulton College in Toronto. Woodstock College served as a boys' preparatory school from 1890 until it was closed in 1926.


At the site of the former college, Wilson Street and College Avenue, Woodstock

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Oxford

Municipality: City of Woodstock