Located at Drummond Hill, Redmond Heights comprises part of the site of the Battle of Lundy's Lane.

Described as the bloodiest military encounter on Canadian soil, the battle reputedly marks the turning point in the British and American antagonisms of 1812-14. Redmond Heights is believed to have been part of the preparatory area and fallback position for the major military encounter to the south. Battleground Hotel, believed to have been built as a tavern in the 1840s with an observation tower close by, signifies the first attempts to market the location as a tourist area from which visitors could view the battlefield. It now serves as a city-operated museum.

The Battleground Hotel, the oldest building on the property, is characterized as a classical revival style building with a temple façade, eave returns and pilasters framing the entrance. Interior features include a narrow staircase with square balustrading and a finely detailed fireplace. The property includes the Battleground Hotel (formerly known as Fralick's Tavern) and a number of early 20th-century residences. The archaeological potential of the site has been investigated with few results.

The building was designated a National Historic Site in 1937. The Ontario Heritage Trust secured a heritage easement to conserve the building in 1996, and the City of Niagara Falls designated it under the Ontario Heritage Act in 1999.