Christine McMullan (née Orlowski), Orleans

During the 1920s and 1930s, my father, his six siblings and his parents would travel from Toronto to do seasonal work on farms in the Vineland area. One farm in particular was the Culps farm on John Street, with all living in a small cabin on the farm. When they stayed on into the fall, he and his siblings attended Maple Grove School. They had to walk to a grocery store (now The Local Life gift shop on Victoria Street) for supplies for their mother to cook. It was a hard but memorable time, and it became an area he always loved. When my brother was looking for a farm, our father went along with him, purchasing a farm on the Niagara side of Maple Grove School where his five children also attended. Four of his five children married and still live in the area, continuing on the family story in a place that their grandfather loved.

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