1611 à 1620


  • Colony of Saint-Sauveur established by Jesuit priests on Mount Desert Island, off coast of present-day Maine; attacked and destroyed by English.
  • Champlain travels to site of present-day Montreal. Explores upper St. Lawrence River, meets with the Algonquin (Anishinabe) and the Huron (Wendat), and is reunited with Étienne Brûlé.


  • Charles de Bourbon, Comte de Soissons, succeeds Sieur de Monts as lieutenant general and viceroy of New France.
  • Henri de Bourbon, Prince de Condé, purchases office of lieutenant general, admiral and viceroy of New France at death of Comte de Soissons.
  • Champlain publishes his map of New France.


  • Explores Ottawa River and erects cross at Allumette Island, near present-day community of Pembroke, Ontario.
  • Establishes the Compagnie du Canada, referred to as “Champlain’s Company” or the “Compagnie de Condé.”
  • Publishes Les voyages du Sieur de Champlain, Xaintongeois, capitaine ordinaire pour le Roy, en la marine.


  • Recruits four Récollet priests to begin mission in New France.


  • Departs for New France aboard Saint-Étienne.
  • Travels to Huronia. At village of Cahiagué, prepares to participate in campaign against Onondaga and Oneida nations of the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee).
  • Étienne Brûlé and Huron (Wendat) allies travel south from Huronia to territory of the Susquehannock nation on lower Susquehanna River; enlist support for campaign against Onondaga and Oneida.
  • Champlain and Aboriginal allies travel route similar to today’s Trent/Severn Waterway from Cahiagué to Lake Ontario and on into modern upstate New York; attack an Onondaga fort.
  • Winters at Huronia; travels widely in the region.


  • Returns to France.
  • Prince de Condé, viceroy of New France, jailed by Queen Regent Marie de Medici and replaced by Pons de Lauzière, marshal of France.


  • The Héberts are first French family to settle permanently at Quebec.


  • King Louis XIII endorses Champlain’s colonization plan for New France.
  • Investors agree to support another 80 settlers in Quebec.


  • Champlain publishes Voyages Et Descouvertures Faites En La Nouvelle France, depuis l’année 1615, iusques à la fin de l’année 1618. Par le Sieur de Champlain, Cappitaine ordinaire pour le Roy en la Mer du Ponant.
  • Prince de Condé regains office of viceroy of New France.


  • Prince de Condé sells office of viceroy to Henri II, Duc de Montmorency.
  • The Montmorency Company, or Compagnie de Caën, granted fur trade monopoly in New France.
  • Jean-Jacques Dolu appointed to office of intendant for New France.
  • Champlain returns to New France accompanied for first time by his wife, Hélène Boullé, and household.
  • English settlers found settlement at Plymouth, Massachusetts.