You can make the original recipe and adapt to your taste.

Nineteenth-century cookbooks like this one can be challenging for contemporary readers. Many recipes (also called receipts at the time) had brief instructions and little to no information on oven temperatures.

Read the original recipes from The Cook Not Mad:

Recipe No. 3 Paste

To any quantity of flour, rub in three fourths of its weight of butter, whites of eggs; if a large quantity of flour rub in one third or half the butter, and roll in the rest.

Recipe No. 56 Apple Pie

Stew and strain the apples, to every three pints grate the peal of a fresh lemon, add rose water and sugar to your taste and bake in paste No. 3.

Recipe No. 68 Raspberry Tarts with Cream

Roll out some thin puff paste and lay it in a pan of what size you choose; put in raspberries, strew over them fine sugar, cover with a thin lid, then bake, cut it open and have ready the following mixture: warm half a pint of cream, the yelks [yolks] of two or three eggs well beaten and a little sugar, and when this mixture is added to the tarts return the whole to the oven for five or six minutes.

Recipe No. 105 Puff Paste for Tarts

In the following whole or part of the eggs may be dispensed with. Rub one pound of butter into two pounds of flour, whip two whites and add with cold water, make it into paste, roll in six or seven times one pound of butter, flouring it each roll. This is good for any small thing.

Recipe No. 130 Orange Gingerbread

Two pounds and a quarter fine flour, a pound and three quarters molasses, twelve ounces of sugar, three ounces un-dried orange peel chopped fine, one ounce each of ginger and allspice, melt twelve ounces of butter, mix the whole together, lay it by for twelve hours, roll it out with as little flour as possible, cut it in pieces three inches wide, mark them in the form of checkers with the back of a knife, rub them over with the yelk [yolk] of an egg, beat with a teacup of milk, when done wash them again with the egg.

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