This database provides extensive information about Ontario’s places of worship – from the religion that initially defined the building to the architect who designed it to the type of materials used in its construction. With new research – and with assistance from users like you – the database will continue to grow. Visit often for updates to the inventory. Although many properties listed on Ontario’s Places of Worship inventory are historically and architecturally important, listing on the inventory does not in itself denote heritage value, significance or legal protection. For information on the evaluation and protection of heritage properties, please consult the Ontario Heritage Toolkit. The database currently contains over 3,600 records. While we have identified over 5,000 records to date, not all have been processed and included in the online version of the inventory. The Ontario’s Places of Worship inventory is a work in progress and we encourage public feedback on its content. A particular religious building may have been omitted from the inventory for a number of reasons, including:

  • research and recording of the building is incomplete
  • the building does not meet the inventory’s criteria for inclusion
  • the Trust is not aware of the building’s existence

Please be patient as we expand the inventory. If you cannot find a particular place of worship, email us at