• Religious Heritage Restoration Program - Outlines the forms of financial assistance and support available to religious heritage restoration projects in Quebec through the Conseil du patrimoine religieux du Québec and the Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition feminine
  • Hamilton's Heritage, Volume 7a Part A: Inventory of Places of Worship: Ancaster, Beverly, Binbrook, Dundas, East Flamborough, Glanford, Saltfleet, and West Flamborough - PDF contains information on church typologies and development of architectural style with records of places of worship found in Ancaster, Beverly, Binbrook, Dundas, East Flamborough, Glanford, Saltfleet and West Flamborough, including construction and alteration details, history and reference materials for each
  • Prairie Churches Project - A 2003 project of the Thomas Sill Foundation in Manitoba, where significant historic rural churches were identified and preserved with technical assistance from the provincial Historic Resources Branch
  • Canada Research Chair in Built Religious Heritage - The purpose of this research chair is to study the transformation of the built environment and cultural landscapes of Quebec and Canada; the research program is developed around the concerns of informed citizens, public authorities, professional experts and heritage advocates; it sheds new light on the interpretation and preservation of the built environment

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